This web page is a 'catch all' of some things I have done. It is not organized in time or subject.

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Last updated 09/11/2021


This web site has no intended structure.  It is a place that I can use to store some of the things that I am currently working on for review by friends.  Where you see the word 'Download' be aware that clicking it will download an animation.  In a windows system a small icon will be placed on the bottom of the page.  Click on it to start it.

Mike Points Out Details

Mike Sterling Points Out Details of the Bernoulli Involute Musical Instrument


The above instrument was designed in an effort to have something playable and reproducible. The geometry was a key for me.  I wanted to produce a 'singing sculpture'.

I spent about 3000 hours in the design process.  I produced digital drawings that could be printed and marked up.  This process perfected the design all in digital form.  Initial fabrication and check-out worked seamlessly. All of it is in digital form so it can be reproduced by making a phone call to Kuhl Machine Shop in Keady Ontario.  Click Here  Every part of it was produced using the latest CNC machines.  For a look at where I work Click Here

Eli and Dalia Maor examine the original Bernoulli.  In the foreground is a 1 string test fixture.

A Note from Eli Maor to Mike Sterling April 4, 2020.

A Note from Ken Cassavoy April 30, 2020

Doctor Nemeth's Story

Wright's Lane Review

Bernoulli Involute First Tests April 1, 2017

The test were done in a small room 10x12 using my PC to record the sound.  Meandering Mike was made up on the fly.  It was recorded.  It will be revisited in due time.  What you hear is a bit halting, but after all, it is what it is.

Meandering Mike  (Mike Sterling)

Mike Explains Bernoulli on the third floor

Bell and Trumpet

Bell to 101 Up Pitch

Pascal's Triangle

Using a Dulcimer Hammer   (Mike Sterling)

Somebody Interviews me about the Bernoulli Involute

Going Home from Dvorak's Largo (Mike Sterling)  This song was altered slightly.

Guitar and Iphone 4

Pitch Formula

Pitch Surface Animation

String Analysis Mathematica Mike Sterling

Guitar and an Iphone 4 shows vibrations

Local Talent and Beyond
A Sequential Duet from the Phantom 
( Sandy Lee Lindsay & Rebecca Caine w/Michael Sterling audio mixing)

I will Survive with Allie  Sherlock Dublin Busker

Yesterday Beatles & Bach (Mike Sterling)

Download Over My Bones by Mike Goodwin

We Were Here Michael Goodwin

Sendai Song by Jeff Braswell

Manhatten Bridge by Jeff Braswell Composer, Piano and Flute

More Music by Jeff Braswell

History of the Harp  BBC Production

The making of a 34 String Celtic Pedal Harp

 Cieleto Lindo Mika Agematsu

Harp Little Russian Girl

Harp Amy Turk

Theremin Katica Illenyi

Violin Karolina Protsenko

A Master Piano Tuner

 Sterling Oyster by Lillian Sterling

Sterling Oyster $653 Tin

Back of Oyster Tin

Download Gladstone Video w/Ken Cassavoy. music by Mike Sterling

Download ANIMATION VIDEO RENEWAL by Michael Sterling

Write-up on Sculpture


DownLoad Mystery of the Reflecting Lens by Michael Sterling

The Lighthouse Mural

Some Sounds Using S(n) 

S(n) from 1 to 100 by Michael Sterling

Bells and Trumpet to 101 by Michael Sterling

Summing Property of S(n) by Michael Sterling ∑S(d)S(n/d) = 1

(Download) Pascal's Triangle

Twin Prime Conjecture

Definition of S(n)
Salvi Harp Manufacturing

HMS General Hunter Cannon Muzzle by Mike Sterling

HMS General Hunter Cannon Cascabel by Mike Sterling 

Mike's Room closeup to window by Mike Sterling

Mike's Room panaramic View by Mike Sterling

Mike's room Mike close up by Mike Sterling

The Little Table by Mike Sterling

Red Goblet by Mike Sterling

Conical Chromatic Musical Instrument by Mike Sterling

The Goblet was made with a single line as a developable surface.

Avery Broderick on Black Holes

PI Visits The Museum and 60 Grovesnor

The Dodecahedron

Lorentz by Mike Sterling

Lorentz Transformation in the Complex Plane.


S(n) with Zeta Showing Primes by Mike Sterling

∑ S(n)/ns= ∏ (1+S(ps)/ps+ S(p2s)/p2s + .....) = Square Root of the Zeta

The function S(n) takes the square root of the famed Zeta Function It can be real or complex square root.

For Example Click Here

Central Discovery-The Square Root of the Zeta Click Here

The above is a very interesting and important result.

Some Writing and Programs

Trying to Unravel the Uncertainty of Knowledge

Respecting Models

Using Masks

Gdel and the US Constitution

Freeman Dyson - A Real Life

Monty Hall Code

The Monty Hall folder contains a MS Word file of the solution to the famous Monty Hall problem.  It can only be run if you have Mathematica

Chance Meetings Live Links

Letter to Mrs. Kearn

Capitalism Meets a Teen

911 Operators

The Big Bank Heist


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